Ways to contact the Murdock Charitable Trust:

By Phone: 360-694-8415
By Email: Mary Hill, maryh@murdock-trust.org

Christian Leadership Initiative Staff

Christian Leadership Initiative - Steve MooreDr. Steve Moore is the Executive Director of the Murdock Trust.  As the organization’s chief executive officer, he is responsible for all programs and activities of the Trust.  During his career, Steve has consistently demonstrated a strong interest in leadership and student development.  He joined the Trust in 2006.  Steve and his wife, Thanne, live in Portland and have three grown children.

Christian Leadership Initiative - Terry StokesbaryTerry Stokesbary serves the Murdock Trust as the Senior Program Director of Enrichment Initiatives.  In that role he is responsible to provide oversight for the Trust’s three current Enrichment Initiatives: Science Education, Christian Leadership, and Capacity Building.  He joined the Trust in 1997.  Terry and his wife, Becky, live in Vancouver and have two grown children and a daughter-in-law.

Christian Leadership Initiative - Mary HillMary Hill is the Program Assistant to the Christian Leadership Initiative.  As the program’s assistant, Mary is responsible for a wide variety of administrative duties that provide both support and leadership to the Initiative.  She began her work at the Trust in 1999.  Mary and her husband, Rick, have three grown children and four grandchildren, and live in Vancouver, Washington.

Christian Leadership Initiative - ConnerConner Peckham assists the Christian Leadership Initiative in a number of ways, but specifically focuses on the areas of technology and communications.  He joined the Trust in 2010 and lives in Portland, OR.