An Invitation to Provide Board Training

Beginning in 2014, a number of selected faith-based organizations will be invited to submit proposals to provide board training for nonprofit organizations in the Pacific Northwest.  Titled “An Invitation to National Associations and Organizations to Provide Board Training to Their Members/Constituency” (the Invitation).  This effort is part of the Regular Grants Program; therefore there are no specific proposal deadlines for invited organizations.  However, applications will be expected to utilize a set of essential training principles or guidelines, known as the “DNA of the Program.”

It is also expected that each proposal present a plan that would accomplish the following:

  • Build the capacity of the applying organization
  • Provide comprehensive board training to at least 10 organizations per year
  • Implement a plan for follow-up and assessment
  • Develop a sustainable business model that completes project-funding, including a program fee for participating organizations

Organizations with experience or a desire to develop a strong board-training program will be invited to apply. Applying organizations will be allowed to collaborate or partner with other organizations or consultants, and will fit one of the following three categories:

  • A nonprofit training organization with demonstrated experience and expertise in the area of board training
  • An association of organizations whose members are part of the Trust’s constituency
  • A regional or national organization whose Pacific Northwest chapters have independent boards
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Click here to download Appendix A, the DNA of the program.


The Roles and Responsibilities of a Board

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